Premarital Sex, A Sin?

The Bible was written in primarily two languages: Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament). But we, who speak English, have to rely on interpretations of what scripture says based on the translations used to define terms. Unfortunately, many of the translations of these terms are considerably removed from the exact meaning of the original words. Then we have new versions of the Bible that are even more removed from the original text giving the reader a totally different interpretation of what the scripture means.

Hebrew and Greek have precise meanings of the words they define. If the translations of these terms are not as precise as the original words used, they lead to misinformation and a lack of understanding of the word of God and whole new doctrines emerge that are the antithesis of God’s original intent.

The other aspect of this is taking the translation of the terms out of historical context. If God is providing us information with precise terms within the historical context it was written in, and you change the meaning of the words through improper translation disregarding its historical context, you change the whole dynamics of that piece of scripture, and thus strange teachings evolve that form the “traditions of men.”

Take for example the follow piece of scripture:

“There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.” – Deuteronomy 23:17-18

What does that mean? Using our language to decipher this piece of scripture and not examining it with the historical context it was written in, you’d think it says “no woman can be a whore who is a daughter of Israel and no man can be a homosexual who is a son of Israel,” right?

But that isn’t the correct interpretation. The reason is because the term “whore” and the term “sodomite” are not translated correctly from the Hebrew.

How do you know what the correct definition of “whore” and “sodomite” are? You would need to look up the Hebrew word for it. And the best place is Strong’s Numbers. Strong’s Numbers are an index of every word in the original biblical text.

Strong’s Numbers for “whore” in Hebrew is H6948 and the word is DYCW, pronounced Ked-ay-shaw’ and means “female temple prostitute, harlot”

Strong’s Number for “sodomite” is H6945 and the word is YCW, pronounced Kaw-dashe’ and means “male temple prostitute.”

So now, we have the corrected passage as follows:

“There shall be no (female temple prostitute) of the daughters of Israel, nor a (male temple prostitute) of the sons of Israel.” – Deuteronomy 23:17-18

See the difference? And it also makes more sense within the historical context it was written in. It isn’t talking about whores in general or homosexuals.

If you were to take the first translation of this piece of scripture you’d think that God didn’t want any whore or homosexuals in Israel. But the second and more precise translation shows specifically there will be no TEMPLE PROSTITUTES. Why just temple prostitutes and not all prostitutes? Well, you find that in the historical context it was written in. Deuteronomy 23 concerned itself with instructions on assembly of the congregation of Israel and various laws. And temple prostitutes are a form of pagan idolatry worship.

But whores themselves under certain conditions weren’t consider an abomination to God. As a matter of fact, many of the great men of the Bible went “unto” whores without consequences, as long as they weren’t married.

This begs the question then as to why sex before marriage isn’t a sin. We’ve all been taught that it is. We even see the term fornication (Sexual intercourse between partners who are not married to each other) used over 40 times in the New Testament in which the Apostle Paul tell us to “flee fornication.” But guess what? Fornication is a substitution for the original Greek word, porneia.

Porneia has a broader definition than fornication and means “sexual immortality.” But what is sexual immorality? According to God, all sexually immoral sins are defined in Leviticus 18. You have to remember that the New Testament wasn’t even written until many years after the death of Jesus. So, in order to find the laws regarding anything, the Apostle Paul would revert back to the Torah. And premarital sex is not part of the definition of porneia.

Nowhere in scripture is sex before marriage mentioned (outside of virgins in the house of their father) as being a sin or sexually immoral. That doctrine has come about by either falsely misrepresenting the truth based on incorrect replacement of terms, or by not examining the historical context and the Old Testament to see what God reveals about it.

Sex, Lies, & Videotape; Part 1

1 Corinthians 7:5-7:5 Sex ,Lies and Videotape. Part 1. Looking at the state of the world and the Biblical response. Intended for mature audience.

1. Sex. The Bible tells us about the union between a man and a woman. How it was created by God to populate the world. The Bible states that a man shall leave his Mother and Father and cleave to his wife. Noticing the phrasing in scripture on this subject, we see that the status of marriage and sex between man and woman, is proper in the eyes of God. Sex in marriage is honorable and righteous and the scripture states that the bed is un-defiled. A husband and wife are required by God to have a sexual relationship for this cause.

1st Cor. 7:5, “Defraud ye not one the other,except it be with consent for a time,that ye may give yourselves-to fasting and prayer, and come together again, that Satan tempt ye not for your incontinency.” This is to be observed unless the woman is in an unclean state.

But that whores and whore mongers will be judged.

Rightiouness is based on Gods word and not on the law of man. The physical makeup of man and woman was designed by God to reproduce mankind not for the pleasure of man himself. Man has tried to ruin the concept of sex using unnatural means to gain pleasure in his members. Man with man, woman with woman, and in some cases human with animal. The Bible speaks of sex in many ways, righteous and unrighteous. Adultery, Fornication, Incest, Rape, sodomy, Homo-sexuality, and Heterosexual. The scriptures state, that the wages of sin is death, and that’s true.

Male prostitutes were noted in scripture and every type of sexual sin resulted in destruction. Sodom, Gomorah, even in the temple of Jerusalem. 1Kings cpts 4-24, 2nd kings cpts 23-27, Det cpts 17,18,23. judges 19-22. If you notice in scripture God, not once ever stated that homo-sexuality, sex between man and man or woman with woman, was ever called good or acceptable. Can you ever imagine a world made up of same sex individuals? I can’t, the concept or practice of such unions would eliminate mankind in one generation.

We read of King David and his price for adultery, we read of Rape and incest, we read of Lot and his two daughters, even thou these were Heterosexual acts, they were also condemned by God. Sex or should I say a sexual union between man and woman, husband and wife, has been under attack, by the liberal side of society. Even cases of animal husbandry has been reported as far back as the 1500s. The Bible states that this type of behavior is damn-able.

Same sex unions of any kind in scripture was condemned and the participants were put to death. Desiese is spread by unnatural unions and it seems that the world has forgotten the out break of A.I.D.S. in the United States and the death toll of those in Africa, which continues to mount. Not only does this type of union cause death in the body, it causes death in the soul of mankind. It a type of cancer that we can see and prevent, but states and even the national Government are trying to leagleise the sinful nature of man as he walks down the road to Hell. The Bible states that if a man does not take care, especially those of his own house hold, he has denighed the faith and is worse than an infidel. So what does this have to do with sex? The union of husband and wife, generally produces children and is a by product of sexual intercourse.

When sex becomes more important that the children produced, it becomes sin, in the eyes of God. How can we say this, imagine the welfare state in the United States today. Imagine a married couple having 5 or 6 children and not being able to even feed themselves, none the less, the children that they keep producing. Africa and China are a good example. Thousand upon thousand of children are born each year and thousands die each day of starvation and desiese. This is against the law of God. Someone will answer to God for the innocent blood that is being shed each and every day, because of un-thoughtful sexual activity. Sex and marriage are ordained by God, if it coincides with the will of God.

1st Tim 5:8 “And if any provide not for his own, especially those of his own household, he has denighed the faith and is worse than an infidel.” This proves in scripture that we who have a sexual relationship with their spouse and produce children are held accountable by God to provide for them. This series of sermons are designed to get the church to acknowledge the word of God as the Ultimate source of Law in our members. No other law will ever overturn the law of Scripture.

The Bible tells us to obey the law but it doesn’t state that we must follow it, if it contradicts the word of God. Part 2 will be concerning, Lies and part 3 will touch on videotape in the lives of christian and non-christian people, and the results. By no means does this sermon cover all aspects of sex in christian lives but its a point where discussions always arise. And isn’t that the best way for christians to learn, asking questions.

Autofellatio Isn’t About Receiving Oral Sex in Your Car and a Little Bit of Witchcraft

Why do doctors use such unfamiliar  words ?

Really, why do they use  words  that the majority of us can’t understand and are unfamiliar with? Why are such professions, such as Medicine and Law, filled with  words  that are derived from Greek and Latin origins?

Using such  words  makes it difficult for normal, every-day people – such as you and me – to understand what people in these types of fields are actually talking about.

For instance, in medicine do you know what an “acute, inner-inflammatory reaction of the greater auricular fold” is?

This  means  that you have an ear ache.

You have to love it. We just can’t call it an “ear ache.” No, that would be too easy and would give us away. We have to call it something that no one has a clue as to what it  means . This cryptic nonsense exists for a reason. I don’t have to tell you why, I don’t think; I’m sure you will fully understand it when you get your next doctor’s bill.

When men and women talk dirty in bed, do you think they use “medical”  words  like “penis” and “vagina”? Heck no. They use the dirty-deed words that provoke eroticism and sexual nastiness. This makes it more interesting, stimulating, and enjoyable. Hey, if we can’t be a little taboo in our sexual lives, then how can we possibly be taboo in any other areas in our lives?

Let’s see… “Honey, I am very anxious to exogenously stimulate your vulva with my lingual apparatus this evening… What do you say…?”

Yeah, of course… That sounds like a great idea. Thank God you didn’t say something erotic and sexual like, “I can’t wait to sample my dessert tonight…”

Of course.

An interesting “definition” I heard was from a friend of mine. His wife loved anal  sex  but she was very self-conscious about it. She felt that  the   word  “anal” was crude and ugly. The solution was to dump  the   word  “anal” and substitute  the   word  “Cheerio,” instead. That made it more acceptable, approachable, and benign.

Here are two  words  that have been so castrated that they no longer have much of an impactive  meaning : Autofellatio and Autocunnilingus. Yes, of course. “I was standing in line at the Post Office today, to mail a letter, and considered performing autofellatio when I arrived at home.”


So, then, that brings us to “autofellatio” and the Headline of this article. What does such a bizarre and convoluted  word  actually  mean ?

No, it’s not about a man receiving oral  sex  in a car. But it sure as heck sounds like it.

“Auto” means “Self.” Fellatio is simply the act of receiving oral sex (for a man). Hence, “autofellatio” simply  means  that a person is capable of receiving oral  sex , from themselves, if this act is performed.

What about “autocunnilingus”? Autocunnilingus is the ability for a woman to be able to perform oral  sex  on herself. So, then, where does this  word  come from?

Well… “Auto”  means  “Self,” as we have already discussed. However, the remainder of  the   word  seems to have been derived from the Latin  word  “Cunnus” which relates to the female vulva. So, autocunnilingus would  mean  a woman who could perform oral  sex  on herself.

The power of  words  and their definitions.

Something else is worth mentioning for people who are interested in the truth. If you have a hard copy of a dictionary that pre-dates the 1990s, then do not throw it away…

Keep it; and here’s why:

In the United States and the Western World many people have taken it upon themselves to revisionize the past. This is a fancy way of saying that they are re-writing history (to suit their personal needs). Textbooks are now being used, as propagandic material, to re-write history based on un-truths. Proper history is being erased and re-defined, at this very moment.

For example, I’m holding a Webster’s dictionary in my lap that was published in 1950. When I look up  the   word  “pharmaceutical” it tells me that  the   word  is based on the Greek  word  “pharmakeutikos.” The definition of this  word  clearly states that it  means , “to practice witchcraft.”

You won’t find a dictionary on the Internet or in a bookstore that states that definition. At least, I couldn’t find one. Why was this earlier definition altered and who changed it?

Interesting, wouldn’t you say?

I understand that for a drug company to be able to patent a “drug,” such a drug cannot occur in nature. If it does, it cannot be patentable. That means that they can’t make money off of it, basically.

So, that tells us that most of your “pharmaceuticals” are not naturally borne. Instead, they are man-made and synthetic concoctions that were designed in a laboratory. They do not occur naturally. This means that your body goes into shock every time you take such drugs, as your body has no idea of how to handle this foreign substance that it has never been introduced to (your DNA keeps track of such things; and this information is continually passed on {down the line} in your genetic template).

Is this why the original definition is based on “witchcraft”? Is it because these drugs are not of natural origin? “Witchcraft” is a pretty subjective term, so I’ll give the definition from this book: “A supernatural power which persons were formerly supposed to obtain by entering into compact with the Devil.”

Did you know that the Number One Cause of Death by overdose in the United States of America is now prescription (pharmaceutical) drugs? Prescription drugs are the third largest killer, overall. This is after heart disease and cancer. Many speculate that prescribed medication is actually the number one (overall) cause of death in the USA.

“The times, they are a changing.”

Human Sexuality – The Beauty of Sex in Marriage


The most basic of all human relationship is the one between a man and a woman. Human sexuality is one of God’s gifts that must be properly used and not shamefully abused. Sex is like a cell phone; it can be properly used or misused. God who created us could have as well put us in total ignorance of what our sexual organs are meant for apart from urinating. Then, did he give us for the pleasure of it? No.

The sexual act in marriage is intended to add bond to the intimacy and oneness of both the husband and the wife. It is not a one-time act or what you do just to have a release. It is a response to each other in affection, love and total acceptance of one another. It is not meant to be done under pressure or force. Sex in marriage is a fellowship. It is an experience and a communication that derives fulfillment and liberty. It helps in bringing growth and development in the relationship and depth to trust and confidence in each other. It provokes and evokes transparency and absolute nakedness between the husband and the wife.

This sexual intercourse is meant to bring conformity and uniformity of both the man and his wife, not just from the physical perspective alone, but the spiritual. i.e. it brings oneness and warmness in all areas of the couples life. In addition, sex in marriage is not what you can replace with homosexuality, lesbianism, masturbation or sexual intercourse with animals and other sexual object. From God’s perspective, sex in marriage is to bring out two important things among others. “Joining and becoming”. i.e. To join you and your legally married wife together in mind, flesh and body. In addition, to make you become like the other or member of the other person.

Let me be more scriptural in this area. When an angel came to visit Mary (the mother of Jesus) and told her that she will conceive and bear a son. Hear what the bible recorded. “Then Mary said unto the angel, how shall this be, seeing I know not a man? (KJV).

It should amaze you here that the King James Version of the bible used   the   word  “know” to  mean   sex  in this area. “Know” here means to have proper information about a man’s body because of your experience of him. It talks about your familiarity about the functioning of a man’s body. Therefore, Mary is saying that she is short of experience in this area because she has not come to experience any man by means of intercourse.

Let me go on further to exposit this verse of the bible. It really means that it takes your experience of the man for you to know him. You have to feel him in a more intimate relationship and experience his touch differently from other touch. Take this for example; a strange man whom did not know at all, probably in a grocery store suddenly touches you. Immediately you will react to the touch and the look on your face will show that you feel embarrassed. The whole reason is because the man is strange. On the other hand, if the man is your husband, do you feel embarrassed? No. Why? Because he is your husband and you know him. Yet the knowing we are addressing here is not of face, recognition or by eyesight.


The knowing in sexual intercourse is the knowledge of both “the body and the mind”. Sexual relationship is a way of knowing each other intimately, deeply and personally. The man knows the woman through the act and likewise the woman. Like I said earlier it is not a knowing by face, but a knowing ti the innermost thoughts, feelings, expressions and yearnings of each other. This sex helps both the man and his wife to take knowledge of each other intimately. That is, they progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with each other, recognizing, perceiving and understanding each other in a personal way. Now, acquainted” here means to be familiar with each other or get used to desires, feelings and peculiarities of the other person.

You will agree with me that this knowing” is not applicable to a passer-by who just stop by, to have a release. Why? Because strangers do not intend to know each other or be acquainted. Their primary target is just to have fun, release and go. Therefore you can see that this “knowing” is just the captivations of the physical eyes, but of the mind.

If this be the case we still need to travel deep or more deeper and explore this progressive knowing of each other. We must discuss the physical body of both the man and the woman in other for us to understand this intimate knowing. Without much repetition of what has earlier been said, I must still say that this “knowing is the pre-requisite for fulfilling sexual communion in your marriage. As a woman, if you do not know how your husband’s body responds to stimuli, you may not enjoy the man to the fullest during intercourse.

Is Tantra Just About Sex?

 The   word  Tantra  means  to expand, to weave, to liberate. In other  words  to feel and explore freedom in our own spirituality and sexuality.

The exact origins of Tantra are unknown, however Tantra ‘texts’ or ‘Vedas’ as they were known have found to have been written between 1500 and 500 BC.

The original Tantric way was most probably Hindu, although there is evidence in the Tantric texts that Tantra was prevalent in India and other countries.

The ancient Hindus believed that food, drink and  sex  were essential parts of the human psyche. They also believed that sex is about experiencing the energy sexual energy that we feel moving through our body. This energy, known as Kundalini by the Hindus is to unite sexual energy with spiritual energy simultaneously. This is Tantra.

The practice of Tantra also refers to the “goddess energy” or “Shakti”. Shakti meaning force, power or energy In ancient Hindu mythology the goddess shakti represents the active dynamic principles of feminine power and her male counterpart is ‘Shiva’, Shiva representing the essence of male energy.

It is said that when Shiva and Shakti unite, all of consciousness becomes ‘one’. Statues of Shiva and Shakti are still depicted in temples across India today. The practice of Tantra has been described as ‘euphoria’ but what is “euphoria? And why do we seek it? The truth is euphoria exists in our mind, our own reality.

If someone gave you a rose, what would your reaction be? Would you look at it and say to yourself “what a nice rose” and think nothing more about the rose or would you look at it for a long time in awe of its beauty, colour, smell, touch and perfection? If so then those feelings, that place you are in when you are in awe of such a beautiful rose become your reality your euphoria your choice to change the way you see the world and all its beauty. This is the same concept with making love.

We create our own euphoria by letting go of all expectations and enjoying being in the moment physically, emotionally and spiritually with our beloved. If we keep searching for euphoria we will never find it because it is already there.

Tantra is more than just great sex; it is a way of life of honesty and truth.

Tantra focuses on the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of sexuality. Being loved and giving love does not always necessarily  mean   sex . Sex is only one component of Tantra. It also includes, heart connection, communication skills, meditation, breathing, kundalini awakening, learning to appreciate and understand your partner, and much more.

The benefits that regular Tantric practice will bring into your life:

Deepen your connection with your partner on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually

Turn sex into making love, pleasure into ecstasy

How to communicate with your partner and have the confidence to express your inner sexual desires

Discover an overall increase in libido

A greater awareness and understanding of your own sexuality

Experience feelings of deep joy and wellbeing within your relationships.

Words Change Your Life

Growing into a better person consist of man paying attention to those spontaneous out of the blue moments he finds riveting, but ignores. He has so much passion, and enthuse about a certain idea, but takes no action. He does not believe in his own thoughts or idea: he is scared. That is what is wrong with man. He does not believe in his own ideas as they come to him. He finds his thoughts crazy, impossible, etc.

Unsuccessful men are those who do not wish to become better in life. They are those who when a thought strikes their mind that could change his life and give him glory he ignores. He does not trust his own instinct. He doubts his six sense. They are the ones life devours. They are too afraid of fighting for the good life. They are children always complaining how bad their life is, but never lift a finger to change it.

They become control by the world like puppets. They silently believe waiting long enough things will change for them. It’s as if they want things to fall in their laps. They talks and talks and he doesn’t do anything with his words. Man vomits words from his mouth leaving a distasteful putrid taste in his mouth when things do not go his way. To me the problem with man is he doesn’t believe in his words.

That is the problem with man. He doesn’t put meaning, passion, or life behind his words. They are empty soulless things just like his life. Men that live life are not like this.

Another thing I have notice in man is the ability to tolerate, or purposely get himself into a bitter acrid life. It almost seems that he cannot comprehend his own stupidity. It’s as if he enjoys the acidic taste of life. Who does this to himself? A poor purpose-less man.

But that can change for man.

If he puts actions in his soul-less words he will stop crying tears and wipe the sour taste from his tongue. He needs to finally do something for him self. He needs to create action and stop tolerating suffering. Enough is enough are the words he should scream.

Just as it is easy for him to talk about his goals it should be easy for him to put movement in them. What ever is in a man’s heart will come true if he believes true heartily in himself. He needs to be a hard on himself and stop whining.

Man must be congruent. One of the biggest mistakes I have observed in man are his actions aren’t congruent with this words. He is a bag full of hot air; he doesn’t do anything in his life, but talk.

They are called the babblers. Those are men who desire change, but afraid of making the first step towards their transformation. They only speak words and that is why they are angry or sad about life. The truth is they are angry at themselves.

Do Young Americans Understand What Obama Means by Mandatory Service Plan?

In the questions for McCain and Obama during the Service forum at Columbia University was the question about the military, and the future of our armed services due to the loss of so many military personnel. McCain said he favored the all voluntary military, and preferred the less government approach to volunteering. McCain also said that Columbia University should return the ROTC to their campus, in order for young people to see that option for service. McCain feels we must make our armed services attractive to personnel, so they will stay long term. McCain believes in more volunteer participation in faith based organizations and civilian groups, but some government programs are alright. And he does support some additional volunteer programs that have been successful in the government.

In the same questioning of Obama, it was asked if he favored mandatory service in order to have enough military. Obama said, and I paraphrase, that he would favor mandatory service, for both a civilian side and military side, which would make all young Americans responsible to participate in our country’s conflicts. This is the institution of a draft for both males and females. So that means “All” of America’s children, and future grandchildren would be in the service to America’s protection, and in time of war, because the civilian side will also serve in the war zone without exception. Obama’s approach to volunteers was a bigger control by government to organize people of all ages to a mandatory service. He said a democracy should have an active participation of all ages. I think his mantra was Active Democracy. To read Obama’s actual words please see the “Transcript for 9/11 President Service Forum at Columbia University”. It becomes clear right after his comments on his grandfather’s service in World War II. (

Obama said “when young people come in we work them like dogs”, which was referring to volunteers in his campaign. So now we have a picture of some of the CHANGE Obama wants to implement. It seems he thinks parents would want their children to participate in this ‘draft’ type environment, and turn off TV’s and video games, or so he said. This is what “Michelle Obama” was referring to early on when she said “he will make sure you participate in his programs.” So what do you think of being drafted into a social program to be active in your own democracy? The difference between Obama and McCain is that McCain believes in less government involvement in volunteering, and Obama’s wants forced participation in volunteer organizations. The biggest difference is that Obama believes in a draft that includes both a civilian and military side, and McCain believes in an all volunteer military, that we currently have. What do you believe is in the best interest of our nation?

Surviving Infidelity in Marriage – What It Means to Forgive an Unfaithful Spouse

Surviving infidelity in marriage is never easy – and I think that is a massive understatement!

As the injured spouse you probably have feelings of anger and resentment, and are facing the devastating realization that things are not the same anymore – and may never be!

At the back of your mind though, you may be wondering just how to forgive an unfaithful spouse and how to get things back to how they were. And this may seem huge and impossible at this stage. But, if you are committed to repairing your marriage after the affair, forgiveness is something that you may wish to consider – either now or further down the line.

But what does it   mean  to forgive?

Only you can answer this question. Forgiveness is such a compound  word , and there are loads of ideas relating to just what it involves to forgive a cheating spouse. And one main reason why forgiveness and rebuilding your marriage may seem so far away and out of reach is because your forgiveness is imperative in order to move forward – but you need to know what it  means  to forgive, or how will you know how to get there or when you get there?

So, to help you with this, I want to put forward a three-step challenge. Just some things to consider in order to forgive an unfaithful spouse:

Step 1: Can you define exactly what forgiveness means to you? Do you know what the concept of forgiveness means to you? Is this predicated upon your religious beliefs? Is it important for you to hear your spouse offer an authentic apology, or are you more concerned about how they show their remorse through their future actions? You need to have an idea about this – it is normal to feel torn between what you think you should do and how you really feel, and having things clear in your mind will help you on your journey.

Step 2: Can you envisage what your reaction would be to a truly remorseful spouse? Sometimes, we want something but do not give any thought to how we would feel or what to do next when we do receive it. It is no different here. If your unfaithful spouse came to you and apologized right now, how would you feel? What would you do next? How would this affect things? Would it help how you feel? Would it be empowering? What would it mean for your marriage?

Step 3: What if your spouse does not express regret? You also need to think about this. What if your spouse does not express remorse for his/her actions and does not stop to consider the impact of their behaviour on you? How would this affect you? Is this necessary in order for you to feel that you can move forward and repair the marriage?

Take some time and think about these three points, and answer them truthfully to yourself. For surviving infidelity in marriage, it is important to consider all the things that will help you and your partner work through the difficulty and rebuild your marriage. And it is of paramount importance to consider what it means to you to forgive an unfaithful spouse, so that you can get your life and your marriage back on track.

The Glycemic Index & What It Means to You

The Glycemic Index, GI, is something that was created to help gauge the effect that carbohydrates have on your blood sugar levels. It was originally designed to help the diets of people with diabetes.

When you eat carbs your body breaks them down. How fast they are broken down will give that carbohydrate a number between 1-100, 100 being the fastest, which if losing weight and unsightly body fat is your goal you do not want.

A higher GI number means that it is absorbed by the blood stream much quicker. The only time that you would want this is for your post-workout meal or shake-that’s when it’s going to be shuttled to all your muscles and organs that have been depleted during the workout. Other times it is bad. You ever eaten something, get a quick surge of energy, and then 1/2 – 1 hour later feel either really tired or really hungry? You probably ate a high GI meal. Doing this consistently will probably have you snacking on things you shouldn’t in between meals. And guess what, those snacks are usually high GI.

Want to know what food scores 100 on the GI index? White bread. That’s right! Wonder Bread makes you wonder, huh? If you are still eating this monstrosity of a food please stop-and stop feeding it to your kids. A high GI score is a double-edged sword. It also results in a high release of Insulin. I’m not going to get too much into insulin, but when you have high releases of it time after time, it significantly increases your chances for adult-onset diabetes (which more and more kids are getting), and it also severely retards your natural fat burning abilities.

Low GI is what I recommend throughout the day, except for your post-workout meal or shake. Eating these types of foods are going to help reduce your hunger and give you sustained energy throughout the day and in between your meals. All types of vegetables, whole wheat, oats, and rice are just a few. They’re also the type you want to get about 30 – 90 minutes before your workout. These types of carbs help prolong your strength and endurance, especially when combined with protein. Plus, there are a whole slew of health benefits, such as reducing risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancers, and lowering cholesterol.

So what score makes it high and what makes it low? High is considered 70 and above. Medium is considered 56-69, and low is 55 and under. Check out for a list of popular foods and their scores. Some are a shock. But keep in mind not all high glycemic foods are bad for you, but also not all low glycemic foods are good for you. Like watermelon, 72, and M&M’s, 33.

Your Word Against Mine

How often are we willing to make sacrifices for our Lord but fail to heed to his word. In our minds we believe that as long as we are aiding the poor or supporting a good course then it is okay to disobey his commandments. There is a definite demarcation between obedience and sacrifice.

Sacrifice may turn out to be strenuous but is usually in compliance with our will. What this means is that we have agreed to give up something for God based on what we can afford to give. The strain on our part becomes irrelevant as this is an acceptance of whatever burden may come from the sacrifice. The underlying factor here is choice. Although it is in our interest to make sacrifices for our Lord we also have to the choice of when and where to do so.

Obedience on the other hand is complying with God’s will. Here we have prior knowledge of what this is but it is not necessarily in conformity with our own will and desires. God’s will and demands are precise, accurate and always for our benefits regardless of whether we can understand them or not. Here there is no choice, we can choose to obey or disobey his word. Our line of sight and understanding as compared to our heavenly father’s is none existent. His demands are in place to make our journey to him bearable, understandable and righteous. However time and again the disobedient child that we are is willing to sacrifice most things but fails to abide by his commandment.

The simplest way to understand God’s love for us and his commandments is to look at the rules we set for our children. A good example is instructing a child not to play with fire. This may sound so simple but what if the child decides to make breakfast to celebrate an anniversary. This is a good deed on the part of the child but still disobedience to its parent. The parent has a greater appreciation of the ramifications that come with the child getting hurt by fire. On the other hand the child believes that it is doing a good deed and so this reason is good enough to justify its actions. Unfortunately the end result of this disobedience is often disastrous.

We are the child that prefers to sacrifice rather than obey. It is in our interest to learn to obey first before sacrificing as our Lord knows better what is good for us.