Existing Within Your Means

AIDS has caught much awareness in recent times, and has traditionally been the toughest topic among the health analysts around the planet. AIDS stands for ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ‘. It is caused by the ‘human immuno- deficiency virus ‘ popularly called the HIV. Innumerable people die of AIDS each year. To stop this dreaded virus from entering your body, you have to know the following by heart.

Practice safe sex. Hazardous sex is the commonest cause of AIDS and thus, health executives always recommend the employment of protecting devices such as sheaths during intercourse. Visit your doctor for more information on the same and select the contraception strategy that suits you the best. Also, be skeptical of common STD’s such as Yeast-related infection. If you’re already suffering from the condition, try using effective products such as Yeastrol Yeast Infection Treatment to fix the same.

An alternate way of contracting HIV is the use of the hypodermic needles. The ones who do drugs are seen to use and reuse infected needles. Reusing needles could cause other infections and HIV. Not only HIV, another infection called the Hepatitis also spreads in the similar fashion. Therefore you have to be alert in case if needles are being used on you in a surgery or elsewhere.

When it comes down to infections and illnesses, a healthy diet is the most simple prevention. A lot gets sorted when you have a good and a healthy diet. You have to know a sensible diet makes sure a powerful protection system; a weak immunological reaction invites diseases and diseases in the body. Hence even if you are looking to shed weight, continue to have a good diet. To enhance the weight loss process, you must take the Caralluma Burn Appetite Suppressant.

Limiting the quantity of sex partners can also help a great deal in stopping Aids. Though there may be a couple of factors behind Aids, the disease is basically spread through sexual contact. Therefore minimizing the quantity of sexual partners can help reduce the danger of AIDS significantly. Also, it is advised that you know your sexual partner well, including their sexual history.

We all bear the chance of catching a HIV infection but folk in few particular jobs are higher in peril. The ones at a more serious risk are doctors, paramedics, nurses, correction officers and so on. It’s so because these people come into contact with an infected person simply. All the folks in the above field must be aware and stay more alert.

Guard yourself against AIDS, try the pointers given above and attest for a good life.

Stealth Sex

It was so much easier before the kids came along. You didn’t have to worry about barricading your door or muffling the screams of pleasure. But here you are with little ears, little eyes, and little bodies running and crawling through the house. Although the days of groping each other on the staircase or slamming down on the kitchen counter my be temporarily behind you (there are always babysitters and summer camp), you can still carve out special time to enjoy intimacy.

Sex on the Fly: There is nothing like a quickie in the closet to release tension and to make your husband thank the sex gods that you married him. You can even surprise him by slipping off your panties underneath your skirt, making sure the kids are happy and occupied, and then telling him you need him to check out a leak in the bathroom. After you get him cornered, lock the door and attack.

Date Night: You and your husband should enjoy regular evenings together. Even if you don’t get all dolled up and go out dancing, you can still turn off the TV, break open a bottle of wine, and enjoy each other after the kids have gone to bed. If you do get the opportunity to go out on a date, throw in some spice by kissing and touching him before you even get out of the car at the restaurant (during dinner, you’ll be thinking about getting a piece of chocolate cake for dessert; he’ll be thinking about getting a piece of something else).

Turndown Service: Don’t let sleep sneak up on you! Take as many measures as possible to ensure that the two of you are going to bed at the same time, with books closed and the television off. Leave the ratty old t-shirts for craft projects. Wear something sexy to bed or, better yet, nothing at all. Your husband will love the surprise of climbing into bed and finding your naked body waiting there for him.

Wake-up Service: Here is another opportunity that many of us fail to take advantage of. Okay, morning breath may be an issue, but your body will feel so good within a few minutes of lovemaking that you won’t care if he licked the toilet beforehand. And don’t forget about those still moments in the middle of the night when you wake up the get a drink of water or settle a child down into bed. Wake up your husband for some quiet sex.

The important thing about finding opportunities for intimacy is to get your priorities straight. Watching television or getting caught up with your scrapbooking may be easier, but it is not going to build a happy and healthy marriage. Seek moments throughout the day and night to be intimate with your husband and watch as the sparks fly!

Metro-What, Mr Latham?

The term ‘metrosexual’ is one of a number of new buzzwords that the English language has sprouted in recent years. As culture shifts and changes to respond to new political, technological and socio-economic influences it is inevitable that our vocabulary will respond in kind. New concepts require new   words  to describe them; but what exactly does metrosexual  mean ?

It’s interesting to consider that a  word  so widely bandied about seems, at first glance, to have quite a direct  meaning . It is certainly an evocative enough term, with its hints of urban sophistication and sexual frisson, that when first hearing it used one assumes to know, at least vaguely, what it refers to. By the same token it is a  word  that warns people off inquiring after its true  meaning  – how embarrassing to be caught not knowing the latest lingo, especially such a slick and sexy  word !

So, what does it  mean ? Well frankly, I’m not sure; it seems to have some connotations of a more fluid sexuality, an acceptance perhaps of other sexualities than ones own, perhaps even a move away from the polarised positions of gay and straight. The UK TV series ‘Metrosexuals’ seemed to support this position and yet concerned itself mainly with a group of friends who lived in London and had lots of  sex  with lots of people of assorted gender; is this really such an ‘out there’ concept that it needs a whole new  word  of it’s own? You might have a hard time finding many Londoners who saw this concept as shocking or even particularly new. Perhaps if the same sort of thing was happening openly in Stow-on-the-Wold or Abergavenny it might be mildly more surprising (or perhaps that’s just my London-centric attitude causing me to patronise the provinces, I haven’t been to either of these places in a long while and for all I know this could be the absolute norm) but then ‘rurosexual’ doesn’t have quite the same pleasing ring to it, does it?

I have heard it said that metrosexual refers to those straight men who are comfortable enough with their sexuality not to need to prove it. You know the sort, those guys who carry hods around a building site all day and spend their breaks discussing Chelsea’s chances against Arsenal and the novels of Andre Gide, then come home to a scented bubble bath and six different exfoliants and moisturisers before knocking up a tidy little meat free lasagne? No, I don’t know them either but apparently they exist, there’s a  word  for them don’t you know!

Perhaps, at the bottom line, this is what worries people like Mark Latham so much about the encroachment of metrosexuality on daily life: no-one knows quite what it is!  The   word , and indeed it’s cultural roots, have just enough sense of change and difference about them to set hardcore traditionalists all a flutter and yet no-one has yet ‘come out’ as metrosexual; not because they’re ashamed to admit it but because to apply a label to yourself you generally need to know what it  means . Applying it to a faceless mass of others, however, is apparently not so difficult. I understand your disquiet, Mr Latham, it’s very hard to engage an enemy if you don’t know who, what or where it is!

Words Have Power – Watch How You Wield Your Powerful Words

Have Your Words Ever Got You Into Trouble?

Words are more powerful than you realise. They have the power to

  • wound or heal
  • discourage or encourage
  • criticise or praise
  • tear down or build up

Do you ever think about the words you speak and the power they carry? I challenge you to monitor your words for a day.

  • notice whether they’re positive or negative
  • notice the effect they have

I don’t just mean the words you speak to other people. Take notice of the words you speak to yourself too.

  • what words do you habitually say to yourself?
  • What do you tell yourself about yourself?

I think you’ll be surprised at how many negative things you say. It’s time to stop and think about the words you speak and the effect they have on you and other people.

Truths that will change your life and help to transform the lives of the people around you

Research shows that words have emotional, physical and spiritual impact. The words you speak can lift you up or send you into a downward spiral. They can cause physical changes in your body and change the spirtual atmosphere.

Words have the power to build bridges. They have the capacity to close the gap between you and other people. They help you to connect with people and with God. They can also demolish bridges and make it impossible to heal a rift.

God spoke words in the spiritual realm to make things happen in the physical world.

When God, who is Spirit, wants something to happen in the natural realm – He speaks. God spoke this physical world into existence.

You are created in God’s image. Like God, you have the power to create with your words. I’m not suggesting that you have the same power as God, but there is something of Him in you. You aren’t just a physical being, you’re a spiritual being too.

Your words have more power than you imagine. There’s something creative and powerful about the words you speak. That’s why you need to think before you speak.

The first step, is to become aware of what you’re saying. The second, is to choose to exercise self control. Your words have the power to bring life or death to your life, your relationships and your future.

It’s time to think before you speak.

“Words satisfy the soul as food satisfies the stomach. The right words on a persons lips bring satisfaction.” Proverbs 18:20

“A gentle response defuses anger, but a sharp tongue kindles a temper fire” Proverbs 15:1

Sex and the Senior

“How could he do anything with a woman with his big belly getting in the way?”, Rose asked about an elder man who was openly flirting with a nurse. She got the attention of the visitors and staff that were within earshot and at 86, Rose, the only female resident at the nursing home who has (admitted to, anyway) a tattoo, makes no bones about talking about sex.

Sometimes we forget that the people who are now our revered elders once lived full, robust and sexually active lives. And that picture of Grandma as the virgin bride who did her wifely duty promises to change dramatically not too many years from now as boomers, who openly endorsed “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll”, begin filling the halls of nursing homes.

What might be wise to remember even now, though, is that boomers did not invent the enjoyment of sex. Oh, sure, many social taboos were in place when Rose was a young woman in late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Conditioning of “what women want” was pretty rigid in those days. Although it included a husband and family, the idea of how that family might come into being was not conversations people had in “polite company”, as it used to be called. But that doesn’t   mean  it was non-existent.

Rose, aware that her comment got a reaction, was pretty pleased with herself and began spouting more comments related to anything in which she could include  the   word  sex “. God love ‘er!

Sex among elders is getting more attention these days, chronicling those folks lucky enough to be in a position (no puns intended) to engage in sexual activity. This is also a sign of how things have changed, despite what the sexual norms of that generation might have been. And quite frankly, it thrills me. Probably because I’m as close to Rose’s age as my daughters are to mine or possibly because I’ve always suspected a sexual relationship does not have to end simply because culturally we’re squeamish when it comes to aging. This, I predict, will be another shift in perception as the next generation of elders will insist on being seen and heard.

Rose continued with her topic of choice, and other folks began to chime in. Laughter and memories joyfully filled the hallway. One of the residents asked me if Ageless-Sages.com had any love stories. I wonder just what she has in mind?

My Husband Is No Longer Interested In Sex – Does This Mean He’s Cheating?

I recently heard from a wife who told me that her husband had not initiated sex for at least a month. This was strange behavior for her husband. Sure, there had been times in the past when they were both busy, stressed, or ill. And during these times, the frequency of sex had dropped off for them. But, it had never gotten to the point where they weren’t having sex at all – until now.

The wife was very concerned and asked, in part: “if my husband doesn’t ever want to have sex with me anymore, does this mean he’s cheating on me? And if so, should I confront him about this?” I will try to address these concerns in the following article.

If A Man Is Not Interested In Sex, Does This Mean He’s Cheating?: This was the question that the wife was most concerned with. And yes, sometimes this can mean a man is cheating. But it doesn’t always mean this. There are various reasons that a man loses interest in sex during a certain people of time. Sometimes he really is stressed or distracted. Other times, there are issues in the marriage or relationship that just make it so that he’s not in the mood or he can’t separate the physical from the emotional right now.

And, sometimes, people are actually having a great sex life while one of them is cheating. Sometimes people who cheat are actually more interested in intercourse with their spouse or loved one either because they are trying to cover their tracks or because emotions are running high. So, the presence or absence of a sexual relationship can not say for certain that a person is or is not cheating.

Often, It’s Not Just A Lack Of Sex That Points To Cheating. It’s A Combination Of Things: People often ask me to identity specific signs of cheating. They’ll bring up one thing that they are seeing and noticing and want to know if this one thing means that infidelity is happening. It’s hard to diagnose infidelity due to one thing.

That’s not to say that one sign might not be the thing that you notice the most or that cheating isn’t taking place. But often, when people aren’t being faithful, their spouse or loved one will see more than just one sign, especially if they are being observant. In other words, you may see your sex life diminishing along with your spouse being distracted, critical, or absent more than normal. It’s often not just one solitary thing that you see. It’s a combination of a couple of different things at one time. And this is all usually combined with a weird feeling in the pit of your stomach that is more persuasive than any of this.

Should You Confront Him About Cheating If He’s Not Interested In Sex?: This is completely up to you, but I have to tell you that confrontations about cheating often don’t go very well. People very rarely admit to cheating and they often become defensive or even angry. This can harm a relationship that is already on shaky ground. Not only that, but if they are being unfaithful, they will often deny it and proceed to cover their tracks better to throw you off the trail.

So, while you may want to open up a discussion about this lack of interest in sex, I’m not sure that you really want to have a nasty confrontation. This is just my opinion of course. But in my observation accusing often doesn’t turn out like you had hoped. There are ways to find out if someone is cheating, if it comes to that. But in my view, there are better ways to find out the truth than making accusations. And, in this particular case, addressing the sexual issue might have brought about an answer before an accusation was necessary.

A Few Words About Men And Porn

Despite the phenomenal growth of the internet as a source of information, entertainment, social networking and product marketing, very few businesses have been able to actually turn a profit, solely based on web-related revenues. The lone industry that has seen substantial growth and ever-increasing cash-flow has been the “adult entertainment” sites – in other words: Porn. Websites that appeal to the voyeuristic tendencies in men, consistently rank as the most popular and profitable web-based destinations. And why is this? Because, like it or not, guys are very visual, and we love to see naked women engaged in sexual situations with men or (even better) other naked women.

“But isn’t there something fundamentally wrong with this?” I hear you ask. “If my guy is really into me, why would he even want to look at other women?” The answer is easy: No matter how hot you are, men are inherently aroused by the idea of variety in their sexual partners. But though we have a strong desire to experience a virtual endless array of libidinous women, we recognize that even if we could make that happen (and let’s be honest, most guys are scrambling just to find one woman willing to offer regular refuge to their penis), it would destroy any meaningful romantic relationship we had and expose us to a rather unpleasant milieu of virulent and sometimes deadly social diseases. Thus watching porn allows us to live out our various sexual exploits without the risk of infection or infidelity. We are able to insert ourselves into these web-based fantasies without actually inserting anything anatomical. And as long as we don’t endeavor to make actual one-on-one contact with anyone, we are merely exercising our creativity (and probably one or both hands) in an effort to satisfy our longing for multiple partners without violating any vows or promises.

“But isn’t it still ‘cheating?'” Only if merely thinking about doing something is a crime. Because, after all, there is no contact. He is simply fantasizing about people he will never meet. And if you believe just thinking is a crime, perhaps you should turn yourself in to the authorities for all the times you mentally committed assault and battery (or worse) on the drivers who cut you off in heavy traffic.

Let me make one important point at this juncture. In this article, I have been referring to the overwhelming majority of men who occasionally or infrequently happen upon one dirty site or another. I am not talking about the men who live for porn. If your guy starts missing meals, work, or opportunities to have real, live, in-person sex with a willing partner, than he has a serious problem. And as with any addiction, he should seek out professional help. Also, I am referring to sites that depict sex acts between consenting adults. If your man is frequenting sex sites that feature underage girls or barnyard animals, his voyeurism has gone from harmless fantasy to disturbingly illegal activity.

So what does this all mean? It means that, barring obsessive or criminally deviant behavior, the casual surfing for web porn (in the privacy of his own home) is a normal part of most contemporary men’s internet experience. It’s anonymous, safe sex with a stranger your man will never touch, taste or smell. And therein lies the downside for him, and the reason that for a healthy man in a healthy relationship this virtual world will always take a backseat to sex with his significant other. For as sexy and appealing as an onscreen temptress can be, nothing can truly compete with the warmth, feel, and flesh-to-flesh contact of an intimate romp with a woman who actually calls out your name when things heat up and who never interrupts the proceedings with an error message or a buffering problem.

© 2009 David M. Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Reading Begins With Real Life Experiences

If a child learns to read well, he will be able to succeed in any other subject. It works the other way too.  If he learns from experiences, he can understand what he reads. Reading does not only consist of putting sounds together to make words; but also putting words together to make sentences, and and sentences together to make a story. If he doesn’t have a clue what a word or group of words means, the story won’t make sense to him. The beginnings of a good reader is in real life experiences

A word only means something if the child has something real in his mind to connect it to. For example “apple.”  Your eyes read the word and you mind tells you the rest.  You know what an apple feels like, what it tastes like, what color it is.  You know it grows on a tree.  You know what the price for it is at the store. You know Great-grandmother cannot eat one because she doesn’t have any teeth.  Baby brother likes to throw it around.  Mother doesn’t like him to because it bruises it and makes it soggy and yucky. There are many things that the word “apple” triggers in your mind because you have had real experiences to tie it to. If you’d never seen an apple, the word would mean nothing.

Toddlers are busy for a reason.  They are learning how everything feels, looks, tastes, smells, and sounds.  All this information is stored in their little brains.  The more real life experiences with real things they get, the better they will understand the concept of reading when they reach school age. Interact with your child. Show him things. Tell him about them. Encourage him to use words to tell you about things.  A child needs to be able to use words verbally before he will be able to read and write.

The simplest thing to you, a mature adult with years of experience, could be a great exciting discovery to a young child.  Even a six-year-old going into first grade will come up with great discoveries that are every day occurrences to you. Share the excitement with him. This is where your child’s reading skills begin.

When a child learns to read, he learns to picture in his mind what the words mean. If he reads “The fox ran into the hollow log” he sees in his mind the picture the story tells.  What if he’s never seen a fox. Maybe he doesn’t know what a hollow log is. Encourage you child to ask questions about the things he reads.  Answer his questions.  Show him as many real life experiences as you can.  Go to the zoo. Take a nature walk. Find a fox, a hollow log. Let him see, hear, feel, smell, and listen to the fox and the log. Make the story have meaning then he will learn that those black letters on the white page are really more than just black and white letters.  They mean something.

Read to your child.  Every one says it. You can even read it on the cereal box. Read to your child. Children love books with pictures, because they can look at the picture to know what the story means.  Read stories and books without pictures, and encourage your child to make up the pictures in his mind. When he has this background of being read to and making pictures out of the words, when he learns to read, he will already know how to convert the words into something meaningful.

Write down words that your child says.  For instance, Johnny’s tooth fell out.  He wants to tell Grandmother all about it. Have him dictate a letter to her. Write down exactly what he says and then read it back to him.  Watch how pleased he will be with the letter that he “wrote” to Grandmother. This kind of an activity will help the child see that written words mean the same as spoken words and get him used to seeing written words before he even enters school.

Give your child real life experiences and start him on the way to reading.

The Words Womanizers Use

I know men who have spent years learning the art of seducing women for sex. Some of these men have also practiced in packs, purchased training packages and paid and participated in seminars.

So with the knowledge that there is a movement out there teaching men how to manipulate women into having sex with them – you only have to look online to see this, knowledge about the details of this movement serves as a source of personal protection.

Some of these loaded words are:

  • hard
  • mouth
  • deep
  • inside
  • wet
  • massive

Men may use these words in conversation like the ones illustrated below:

“I saw a massive statue in the museum on a very wet day back in October.”

“It was so hard to envisage what it would look like inside the cave.”

“It was so wet inside my apartment because my flatmate flooded it with the washing machine.”

“My mouth was so wet because I was salivating over the hazelnut chocolate fudge gelato my friend ordered for dessert.”

All of the above words are loaded because they have sexual connotations.

For example:

  • Hard is synonymous with a hard cock.
  • Wet is what a woman gets when she is aroused.
  • Inside eludes to penetration.
  • Deep means the nature of the penetration.

But men could use any number of sexually loaded words in a range of sentences and scenarios to sew the seed, or implant sexual thoughts in a woman’s mind. Because while at first sight we may look at a fly guy and go “I would love to sex him”, that thought is more than likely to be fleeting because we aren’t ruled by our sex drive like men are. Thus some men implant the seeds of sex in a woman’s mind via the use of sexually laced words to keep us in that ‘first thought’ zone.

Alternative words with sexual connotations include:

banana, cucumber

juicy, dripping

blow, screw

cherry, tight

ejaculate, box

nut, gag, coming

thick, long

Men who are skilled at the art of seduction will effortlessly use these words in such an artful and subtle way that you won’t even consciously be aware of their plot.

Don’t assume that he did it on purpose if you hear one or two of such words in a sentence but aware that he may be using this tact and a whole range of other covert strategies to lure you into sexing him sooner rather than later.

Most men are the same, some are just far more systematic about luring in women and getting what they want from them like it is some kind of game. They know what works on women and they are relentless at pushing their buttons in the pursuit of their goal.

Unfortunately many women are drawn to these types of men because of the Alpha male characteristics they display coupled with a demeanour that screams unobtainable. Women have ego’s too and love to win the prize and revel in excitement as much as men do. But invariably this optimistic outcome ends contrary to the way they idealized.

As a final word of advice make wise decisions and pay attention to the men you are attracted to. Listen to what they say but pay more attention to what they do. Actions always speak louder than words.

What is Tantra of Sound

TANTRA. The very word conjures up exciting images of incense filled rooms, full of throbbing bodies pulsating and vibrating in various degrees of orgasmic ecstasy. Indeed, if you were to do an Internet search with the word “tantra”, you would find over a million and a half websites devoted to that word. Almost all of these sites focus upon sex. Sex is huge. Sex sells. We are a sex obsessed planet. And to many people, sex and tantra mean the same thing. This, however, is simply not true.

There is great confusion today about the word tantra, and understandably so. Depending upon the culture, tradition, viewpoint, teacher and level of awareness, “tantra” can mean different things to different people. At healing sounds we’ve investigated numerous sources and were astounded by the variety of meanings that were applied to the word tantra and the teachings behind it.

Not surprisingly, here in the West, the meaning of tantra is almost always synonymous with sex and sexual yoga, taken from specific paths and teachers in the Hindu tradition. Yet, in the Buddhist tradition-particularly Tibetan Buddhism, tantra has nothing to do with sex-at least not from the physical aspect of sexual relationships.

An internet search for the word tantra, which found over a million and a half websites advertising aspects of tantra, revealed that the vast majority of these sites centered upon sex. We speculated that at least 90% – 95% of the sites we visited involved some aspect involving sexual relations-with everything from sexual aids to sexual surrogates beings advertised. Many times these sites offered techniques for improving sexual capability in sexual relationships. Many times, however, these sites were not nearly that subtle.

Yet, in our research we also discovered sources that were of seemingly pure tantric traditions, and they were almost all adamant that tantra had little or nothing to do with sex as it is currently perceived of in the West. In Fact, the word “neo-tantra” frequently emerged when talking about these newer perceptions of tantra which many authorities considered a corruption of the word. What then, is tantra? I will share the meaning of tantra in my next post.