What Do Your Sex Dreams Really Mean?

At some point, we’ve all had a sexual dream. Whether your dream was exotic and wild, strange and unsettling or gentle and romantic, there’s a reason why you had this particular dream at this particular time.

“Sexual dreams reveal your desires and anxieties,” says Gillian Holloway, PhD, author of Erotic Dreams. “Your subconscious uses these raw, lustful situations to sort out emotions you may not be confronting in waking life.” Sure, maybe you already know dreams serve as a portal to your psyche, but you might not realize how obscure their implications can be.

Often sexual dreams are just a medium to understand one’s inner self, desire or even passion, which is absent from the conscious level of the mind due to external factors such as suppression. In our society the skewed outlook on matters of sex makes it a taboo topic for discussion.

Sexual dreams may be a means to compensate for what is lacking in real life. To take an example, there was a saint who had renounced everything, followed austerity and shunned women. He started having recurring erotic dreams and was confused at his response. A closer look by a counsellor revealed that this was his way of balancing his inner and outer self. The dreams in question were his way to fulfil his sexual needs and yet manage to follow celibacy in real life. Applying morality to dreams would be, of course, unfair.

These types of dreams can also provide the dreamer with a neutral space where she can go beyond her inhibitions and overcome her fears regarding sex or certain behaviours. Certain behavioural change that a person is skeptical about adopting in waking life will sometimes manifest in dreams, and in most cases is a precursor to, or sign for, changes to follow.

Sexual dreams are rarely literal. Though you might hope that last night’s dream of you and Drew Barrymore was a precognitive dream, a view of future events, it probably isn’t. Sex dreams, and most dreams for that matter, are metaphors, or perhaps similes, and highly symbolic. They give you a picture, an image, of what a situation is like or can be compared to. If, in your dream, you are feeling pressured to have sex, take a look at your waking life and see where you are feeling pressured or by whom.

You need to remember that dreams should be understood in their context. If a person dreams of having sex in a car, it might imply that he wants to own the car-sex becomes a symbol for ownership. If a dreamer dreams of making love to a stranger in an unfamiliar place, this may be suggesting that she is looking for something new to be introduced into her relationship, or that she is estranged from her own sexuality.

The way the dream made you feel and its correlation with some incident in your recent past will aid in understanding it and its message.

Sex dreams are as common and natural as the physical sexual act. Such dreams shouldn’t disturb us, but rather they should be seen as a call for introspection and a deeper look at what’s being re-presented. Dreams always come in service of our greater good, at a time when the subject of the dream needs to be addressed. Dreams are our very own, private therapists. And they don’t cost us a dime.

Words and Meaning – What makes Company Slogans Powerful?

Company slogans are one of the most elemental parts of any modern business plan. Little sentences that often have just a few words go a long way into establishing a client base for their company as well as a brand. Great slogans have the power to be remembered, captivate audiences and continue to bring home the purpose and reason for the company.

The difference between a good slogan and a bad one can mean the difference between the Fortune 500 and bankruptcy. With so much riding on a slogan, its important to look at the things that good slogans all seem to have.

1. Good company slogans are memorable – A slogan that you forget 15 minutes after hearing it is not going to do your business any good. You might as well throw your advertising budget out the window if your slogan has no staying power. Many slogans use rhymes or have a singsong quality about them that makes people remember them or say them over and over. Those kind of things allow people to put the slogan in their long-term memory and recall it when then need arises. “It’s the real thing” – the slogan of Coca-Cola – almost has music to it as you say it. That is what makes it so powerful.

2. Good company slogans create mind pictures – People are not necessarily auditory learners. The way most people learn, grow and experience their world is through their eyes. Visuals and graphics (like company logos) help people connect to the tings around them. Since a slogan is made of words and not pictures -a good slogan can help you by creating a visual picture out of words that you can see with your mind. Prudential Insurance’s age-old slogan “Get a piece of the rock” is a great example. When you hear it you can picture the huge mountainous rock from their advertising and it helps you both remember and respond to the image. Visual your business is, the higher the need for a word picture slogan.

3. Good company slogans are unique – One of the things you want your slogan to do is distinguish your business from other businesses that may be like it. If you company comes out sounding like every other company on the block then there is no reason that a customer will think of yours as the place it needs to go. Create a slogan that does not just reflect your business but also tells people why it has to be you. It does not help if people confuse your slogan with someone else’s. For example, if you were running and travel agency and your slogan were “Get a piece of the map” (mirroring Prudential’s slogan from above) people may get you confused with the insurance company and not remember you distinctly. “Where you want to go” is a much better slogan that has people remembering the nature of your business and your company?

4. Good company slogans invite people to participate – One of the ways slogans can be useful is to encourage people to use the product or company they are representing. The best example of a short, memorable and award winning slogan is the milk counsel’s “Got Milk?” Not only does it let you know what it wants you to think of (milk), but it makes you want to go get milk and be involved in the process. Another great slogan to illustrate that point is the Crime Prevention’s slogan for McGruff the crime dog. “Take a bite out of crime” – this encourages people to be a part of the community and work to prevent crimes. Slogans that encourage participation have a great chance of boosting business.

5. Good company slogans mention company advantages – If you want people to use your service, you need to give them a quantifiable reason why they should. Slogans that tell the consumer what is good about their company are slogans that keep people coming back. GE’s famous “We bring good things to life” helps people recognize the benefit of the company and give them a reason to want to choose their products.

Overall, good company slogans seem very complex ways to put out simple ideas for consumers. However, when you realize the potential for one simple sentence to bring in a ton of business, careful exploration of ideas is always worth it.

The Word "Milf"

Is the word “milf” an endearment term, compliment, or an insult? Some women think this word is a tribute. Other women, along with me, believe the word to prove insulting. Men who use this title are in fact insulting women. Why do women allow men to address them using this term? If women do not acknowledge the insolence of this term, then why should the male species? Women should question why anyone would use this word while associating it with the beautiful expression of “mother”.

Women can disagree with men

Women can disagree with men, in fact, I would highly encourage it. You do not have to accept a person calling you a milf. Women must acquire the dignity required to stand up and denounce this terrible word. If women do not respect themselves enough to declare discontent with the word, then they cannot expect men to respect them. Women should establish boundaries that ensure men do not cross ethical boundaries. Anyone who will integrate motherhood with a sexual term is not someone who desires a relationship. Make your opinion heard, and voice your displeasure with this term.

Do not allow anyone to degrade being a mother

Being a mother is a difficult job, why confuse this formidable task involving yourself with some idiot who is not polite? A real man will not use this term when referencing mothers, and will respect the sanctity of motherhood. Being a mother is a beautiful thing. Do not tarnish motherhood with disrespectful words such as milf.

Words of Meaning

What does it  mean  “witnessing  the   word ? How can one witness  the   word  of God on a t-shirt, coffee cup, or any other item that we can have with us during the day? That is simple – the scripture passage must be pared down to the right  word  or  words  needed to be used to adequately translate the scripture in a simple statement or  word . Basically what are  the  words  of  meaning “?

Ephesians 6:13

In Ephesians 6:13 the scripture speaks of putting on the armor of faith:13 Therefore put on the armor of God, so when the day of evil does come, you are able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, still stand.

Ephesians 14:17

To gain more context we must read on: 14:17 goes on to state that all believers need to stand firm then, using the truth of the belt that is buckled around the waist, the armor of righteousness in place and with feet fixed with the promptness given from the gospel of peace. Additional take the “shield of faith”, and douse all those flaming arrows from the evil one. Take the helmet or head covering of salvation and the Spirit’s sword, all of this is  the   word  of God.

What Does this  Mean ?

Basically this scripture states that you should always be possessed by the conviction that you are personally called to this good fight and to be witnessing  the   word . The exact vocation of every Christian is to fight in the war against evil and do all to withstand; and to this law there is not a single exemption. Take up the entire armor of God to withstand the evil by day and having done all, to still stand. This is witnessing the word.

What One Word?

This scripture comes down to one word and that one word is “withstand” – to use every part of your faith in standing always against the evil in the world. “Withstand”! When you are tired or your armor can no longer withstand the evil you still “Withstand”. That is the single word that can be taken from Hebrews 12:1 Patient Runner and sculpture stuff can use on any t-shirt or any other items – the single word “Withstand”.

The One Word

Withstand – when you are tired, or hungry, you still must Withstand! When all of God’s words or armor is used up – you must still Withstand! When you have nothing left to give – you stand straight and still Withstand! After the scripture is cut down to the one word that says everything – that is the word that can be used.

Is this Adequate?

Does this one word accurately portray this scripture adequately? Yes it does – “why take to you the whole armor of God” to withstand! And that you might still be able to withstand in the face of the evil day and having done everything you can, what do you do then? Simply continue to “withstand”.


Withstand is the one  word  that Hebrews 12:1 comes down to – the one  word  no matter what we have already done – once and always we must “Withstand”. This is  the   word  of  meaning .

Registered Sex Offender Search – 3 Easy Tips You Must Know to Protect Yourself When Dating Online!

Doing a registered sex offender search online? Trying to verify a guy you are dating if he has sex offender records? It’s easy if you know exactly how!

It’s so easy to date online these days. All you need to do is set up an account with a dating website, sharpen your flirtation skills, and get ready to be social. But is it really that easy?

Do people just fall in love with the right person on the first match? In an ideal world, and even in most online dating cases, the answer to that question is yes. But don’t think a registered sex offender search necessary before you go further?

However, when you live in a world where parents murder and molest their children, it’s safe to say that not all online daters are average, normal singles. Any criminal or sex offender can have a computer, an online dating account, and a way with flirtation deemed normal by most women.

So how do you know when you’re dealing with a psycho or a potential soul mate? Have no fear because just a simple registered sex offender search will tell if whom you’re dealing with is a legitimate and typical guy.

Additionally, there are general pieces of information that any online dater, especially women, should know before plunging into the world of online romance. This registered   sex  offender search service will equip you with the protective layer you need to shield yourself from those ‘singles’ that may offer danger along with ‘romance.’

Tip No: 1

The first important, protective information to know when dating online, which I already mentioned briefly, is that anyone can join a dating site.  The   word  ‘anyone’  means  criminals,  sex  offenders, abusers, married people, and even on occasion eight year-old perverts. That  means  basically to play safe, a registered  sex  offender search is unavoidable.

Tip No: 2

The best way to avoid running into the wrong kinds of people is to do a quick registered sex offender search to keep yourself informed. Don’t get too friendly with anyone too quickly. Keep your personal information to yourself until you know that the person is legitimate.

Tip No: 3

Do not mention specifics regarding where you live and give out your phone number only if you feel comfortable. Additionally, a helpful tip is to employ the free email account provided by the dating website before conducting a registered sex offender search on the opposite party.

If you take these registered sex offender search tips regarding your online dating safety to heart, I guarantee you will have an invigorating but safe experience. This information was not written to scare you, or discourage you out of online dating. The goal is to inform and educate you on the realities of the dangers of this world.

You cannot simply trust just anyone; you need to make sure you keep yourself safe by checking if the guys you are dating have any previous criminal record by doing registered sex offender search. Implement these rules of thumb when dating anyone online. After all, your safety is the most important thing!

How to Tell If Your Relationship is Based on "True Chemistry" Or "Just Sex"

In conversations with two different clients recently, the confusion between chemistry and sex came up.

It’s possible I have contributed to this confusion by using the word “chemistry” in a manner not consistent with widespread usage… To many, it seems, “chemistry” means “sexual chemistry,” in other words lust, or infatuation, or the purely physical reaction.

To me, however, true chemistry is the reaction that takes place between two personalities. Call it “biophysical,” or “psychodynamic,” it is the continued and ongoing (and potentially long term) enjoyment that you experience with another person.

Just like chemistry in the laboratory, when you mix two elements together sometimes you get no reaction, sometimes you get a mild reaction, and sometimes you get an explosion. This is what I mean by chemistry (note that it comes in degrees), and the reaction is psychological, not only sexual.

Much of my coaching practice is built upon the Romantic Attraction Questionnaire (chemistry questionnaire) that was developed by my friend and mentor Harold Bessel, Ph.D. Of the 60 questions he uses to measure romantic attraction, only one asks about “physical affection,” and even that (physical affection) is a category much broader than just “sex.” The other 59 questions are things like “I enjoy this person in many ways other than just sharing affection,” and “I can forgive this person almost instantly,” etc.

My point is that in Dr. Bessell’s definition, and in mine, true chemistry is the reaction that occurs between two personalities, and is much much more than just sex. It is this true chemistry that will set the stage for good sex in the long run.

What Does The Word Parent Mean?

Old is definitely gold, and when I say old I mean people who require supervision and it has nothing to do with age. I dedicate this article of mine, to those people who have made this world a better place to live with their constant efforts.

Our first step

When we were born, the happiest faces were that of our parents who did not have words but were only crying because they loved us so much. When for the first time they touched you, you felt love and then began your journey to this wonderful world where they decided to protect you at every step.

In the hospital when I first opened my tiny little eyes

I found my beautiful parents standing right in front of me

I made a conscious effort to smile and greet them

Our baby world had different signs, if only they could see

Adolescent thinking

They taught us every possible little detail and made sure that nothing bad could touch us. Fulfilled all our wishes and sacrificed every wish they had, because for them we are their world and they will do anything to see us smile. Pocket money, those little birthday gifts and extra earning when we were out of cash still lingers in my memory now and then.

My lovely parents are my only and dear best friend

I will always love them with all my heart and soul

Although I have so many lucrative things hovering around me

To stay with them and love them unconditionally is my only goal

Late years of our lives

Our parents can never grow old according to us. We love them so much that they will always be as young and energetic as they were when we were born. Parents are a solution to every problem whether in school, society, college or in our neighborhood. Their unconditional love will be sprinkled upon us even if they find it hard to see. Their wrinkled hands will always be the first to hold us up when we fall down.

The world is full of all kinds of super power but

My dad is the strongest and I will always believe it

He has this magnificent aura walking ahead him

Not only me but everyone around me also gets to feel it

I feel great that I am blessed with such wonderful parents but on the contrary I feel bad about people who think parents at old age become a liability on them, How possibly can these people forget those sleepless night so that they can sleep sound, Those cries who meant nothing but they still understood and gave us something to feel happy about.

Age will come definitely and will come to us also. When we enjoy every phase of our lives, then why do we deprive them of the one, when they really need us?

it is never too late to realize and act, so all you fantastic souls reach out for your parents and shower them with unconditional love and tell them you will take care of them like they did to you.

Words Of Love – What Your Boyfriend Really Means!

Are you constantly surprised and/or confused by what your boyfriend is saying to you? The following comprises an irreverent analysis of what he REALLY means when he says…


as in “I adore you.” Variations: “I worship you … I would do anything for you …I think you are the most wonderful person on earth … They threw away the mould when they made you.”

At first glance, this is an obvious compliment, suggesting deep feelings for you. Surely when he tells you this he means only one thing. That he loves you That he has never been happier. That he wants to be with you forever.

If only men were so easy. Usually they are incapable of “adoring etc…” outside of their favourite hobbies.

Note two things. One, the exaggerated language. Those bits about the “best, most, above all, etc, etc”. You know they are true, that they fit you, but is it the kind of language he would normally – sincerely – use, outside of sport and cars?

Secondly, the tendency towards clichés. All that stuff about “they threw away the mould … a face you could launch a thousand ships with … “. Such clichés may be his stock in trade, natural to him, but they aren’t right for deep feelings, are they?

More likely he is trying to coax you into a better mood, offering something you want to hear, even if he doesn’t quite mean it.

Also it makes him feel warm inside to say it, giving him the comforting impression that someday he might actually appreciate someone that much.

Of course, he may well be trying to get you to tell him you adore him, which he would like – then, his own ego massaged, he could at his leisure decide exactly how much he does like you.

There is some comfort in the fact that men rarely say such extravagant things at all if they don’t actually like you at least a little – although not that much. Whatever, it is very unlikely to lead to a marriage proposal.

But, hey, it’s a cruel world and sometimes a girl has to be happy with what she can get. These may be only words but they do have a nice ring to them.


as in “I’m busy tonight.” Variations: “I’ve got a meeting …. Some friends have dropped by … This report is taking longer than I thought it would.”

An excuse, usually suggesting a desire for time off.

It’s very possible that this is the truth. Men do get busy from time to time. On the other hand, there are more occasions when they aren’t busy but, being men, think they are.

Like they think they are in good shape, when they are not.

Or funny, when they are not.

Or … oh, what the hell, you get the picture.

Then there are the days when they simply want to be alone – to “chill out” as they so endearingly call it – but are afraid of hurting their beloved by telling them such distressing news. Bless them.

(If only they realized how pleasant it is to have some peace and quiet without them sometimes!!!

But you wouldn’t want to tell them that for fear of hurting them, would you?)

In any case, a facility with words not usually being among their most treasured assets – you know how often men feel they are misunderstood (like, all the time, maybe!) – they do find it easier to say simply, ‘I haven’t got time’.

Full stop. No details. End of conversation.

On the less charitable side, they may want to keep you out of their life – have a few secrets – and to get up to no good.

Advice: check his credit card receipts the next day.


as in “I’d like to make you happy.” Variations: “Why can’t you be happy? … What is it going to take to make you happy? … Most women would be happy.”

A simple rule: boys like to imagine themselves as St.George riding to the rescue of the damsel in the clutches of the dragon. Never mind that there is no dragon lurking and that you are not actually in distress but actually already happy – well, relatively happy. Or at least happy at the moment that he is telling you he wants to make you happy. He can only imagine a relationship in which you need to be saved and he is the saviour.

Looking at his offer more closely though, you may get the impression that rather than “making” you happy – smiling, laughing, over the moon – he would just like you to “be” happier etc simply from knowing him.

For when it comes to the crunch, he is a knight without a horse and, it must be said, without even the stomach for facing dragons. So when he does ask, “What will it take to make you happy?” he is not so much looking for tips as signaling the absolute impossibility of ever achieving such a gargantuan task.

“Me make an effort to make you happy? You must be joking!!! Me change my character or my behaviour or even my socks to make you happy? Why should I have to undergo a transformation like that?”

Paradoxically, much as he fails to bring happiness into your life, he may demonstrate an uncanny ability to make you miserable. Again he can do this with no effort on his part at all, although perversely he may actually show a will to bestir himself when it comes to making you unhappy.

How do you think the damsel got into the dragon’s clutches in the first place?


as in “You’re not listening to me.” Variations: “You’re not paying attention … You’re not hearing what I am saying … You never seem to get the point.”

So you are not “listening”. Not “hearing”. Not “paying attention.” If only that were possible! Trouble is that he is going on at you like a manic drill sergeant with a gaggle of new recruits. Screaming. Yelling at the top of his lungs. The same thing over and over. Again and again. You can’t not hear him. The whole neighbourhood can’t not hear him.

But frankly, his volume and repetition aren’t much help, are they? It’s a little like those key announcements the train and tube operators make on their public address systems – the louder they go, the less information you get.

The best action is to stay calm because, when he is talking in this tone of voice, whatever he means is almost certainly not what he’s saying. It’s not his fault – poor lamb – he simply doesn’t know what’s upsetting him.

If he is going on about what he says he told you he wanted for dinner, he is probably actually talking about the fact that his team lost some obscure match last week.

If he is ranting about wanting you to pay him more attention, he is probably actually talking about the fact that one of his mates has a new girlfriend who sits doe-eyed watching him wash the car without ever questioning his most outrageous opinions.

It may even have occurred to him for the first time that life is not perfect – that he can’t always have everything he wants his way – and that he expects you to sort that out for him. What good are you if you can’t alleviate global suffering, climate change, human mortality and the club’s three game losing streak?

If you wait long enough, the tempest will pass. He won’t expect any less from you but his sudden insights will be forgotten and his expectations reduced. With luck, his team might even win, just as a train or tube will probably turn up. Sometime.


as in “Can’t you be more spontaneous?” Variations: “Why won’t you let yourself go once and awhile?… Don’t you ever feel like doing something wild?… I want you to be free.”

Talking about sex again, is he? Perhaps not explicitly. Perhaps you are only having a meal and he is suggesting you be a little more liberal with the salt and pepper. “Go on, baby, indulge yourself, let your spirit take over, go with the flow.” But at the back of his mind, sex is lurking.

Perhaps he is complaining about your attempts to get him to commit to a programme for the next two or three months, battling your plea to know what the two of you are going to be doing, at least for the next day or two, perhaps even the next hour or two, him answering, “Relax, don’t think so much, don’t put so much pressure on yourself.” But at the back of his mind, sex is lurking.

Oh, at times he also means literally what he is saying. Since he thinks of himself as some god-like figure who responds instinctively to the huge ebbs and flows of the world- (Oh? Just ask him to switch over from his favourite programme for a minute and you’ll see how spontaneous he is!) – he probably does want you to open your mind and let yourself go a little.

(Note: this is only as long as your liberation doesn’t lead to you neglecting him. What he is advocating is a kind of selective wildness – if you asked him he would probably give you a list of when and when not to be rash, spirited, unleashed.)

Even so he is mainly talking about more freedom for himself, not you. For you to stop telling him not to do things rather than for you to get on and surprise him.

Except, of course, when it comes to sex. Boy, does he mean it when he calls for spontaneity there!

Meaning and Types of Love

Basically, there are different kinds of love. It is being divided into three [3] for us to know how it is used. The first one is:

* The love for sexual passion – Eros love

The Greeks first word for love is Eros, which English borrowed to create – “erotic”. According to the Greeks, the word Eros means a need-centered love or desire based on attraction and fulfillment. Eros describes the aspect of relationship between a man and a woman that is like a magnet. Magnet has a drawing capacity, which attracts to any object that has the right characteristics. Men or women created by God has a part of them designed for attraction that is neither under their complete control nor capable of entirely controlling them against their will. Erotic love in marriage is blessed and encouraged by God. He even calls it holy. Sexual union offers a couple one of the most powerful ways to experience the oneness that the Bible refers to when it describes marriage. [See Genesis 2:24-25, Proverbs 5:15-19].

God is not prude. He created sexual attraction and erotic love as a fundamental part of relationships between men and women.

* The love for best friends – Phileo love

This kind of love is also called friendship love. According to the Bible, it is called “companionship”. Phileo love means sharing of time, hobbies, activities, home, games, and other aspects of fellowship, which is reciprocal. Eros looks at man and woman as lovers while phileo look at man and woman as best friends.

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the lord; rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer; distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality.

Phileo love involves doing life as friends, with loyalty and communication. It’s about sitting down when you don’t feel like, and going over the budget and making decisions. It’s speaking the truth in love when you’ve been irritated or wounded. If Eros love is the spark that repeatedly ignites our passion, then it is the steady fuel that feeds our joy. Doing life together, not only as passionate lovers but as best friends, is at the core of genuine love, satisfying sex, and a lasting relationship. As much as Eros and phileo contribute to a healthy relationship, they need a third companion to bring depth, strength, and lasting character to lasting romance and friendship. That is while the most influential kind of love we can experience and express is sacrificial love – agape love

* The love of sacrificial commitment – Agape love

Agape love takes the initiative and energizes the other two kinds of love. Agape love gives even when the partner doesn’t respond as hoped. It’s giving and meeting the real needs of another and helping that person to become a better, more mature individual. It is selfless love.

Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:4 – 8

Agape love is a God given, supernatural, and unconditional love. It is giving others what they need most when they deserve it the least. In agape, the relationship is not about you. It is not about your life or what you can get. It is how you can serve the other person. When you love this way, you won’t be easily angered.

Speak English the Right Way – Some Regularly Misused Words and Phrases

Do you want to speak English the right way? Are you still having trouble writing and speaking to a colleague at work or to your professor in school? Are there some areas in English that you are having a hard time learning? To speak English the correct way, you must know your commonly misrepresented English   words  and phrases so that you may fix them. It may not be a big deal when it comes to any regular dialogues or casual conversations with random people, but it you are going to use this in your profession or with the academe, then getting everything right is very crucial. Sometimes, just because a  word  or a phrase sounds the same with what you said, it does not  mean  that they suggest the same thing. Most of the time they indicate something else really far from what you are actually saying, that is why it’s important to know the correct  word  or phrase in business and the academe so that you get exactly what you are saying or asking for. Here are some  words  and phrases that you may find helpful to study.

Discreet vs. Discrete

This is another homonym or two  words  that sound the same. Discreet is an adjective that  means  showing consideration of the privacy or trust of others e.g. We have to be discreet about the drug use of our boss. Discrete on the other hand means distinct or separate e.g. I am part of the group but I always want to be discrete by doing something different.

Supposed to vs. Suppose to

Do not omit the “d”, the correct way is “supposed to”

For all intents and purposes vs. For all intensive purposes

The correct phrase and the only way to say it is “for all intents and purposes”. This means “for all practical uses”, the latter actually confuses the whole meaning of it.

Cite, Sight and Site

Cite means to mention or quote specifically for something e.g. I would like to cite her as a good example for good behavior in school.

Sight means vision or seeing something or someone e.g. Being blind all his life; he has never sighted his mother’s face.

Site indicates the place, venue or location e.g. The site for the future project is located 2 blocks away from here.

Come here and Go there

This gets confused a lot by saying “go here” and “come there”. You always say come-here and go-there.

Compliment vs. Complement

This is another homonym that is commonly mixed up because they sound alike. Compliment  means  to say something nice to someone because of admiration or just giving praise or saying a nice greeting e.g. Do not forget to compliment her wedding gown as she worked very hard to make it. Complement on the other hand  means  to make complete or perfect e.g. Bread, butter and jam complement each other that is why they taste good together.

To speak English well, try to study these few  words  and phrases that I have listed above. Try making this an exercise with someone and give your own sentence for each word or phrase so that you can really remember. Don’t forget, it is essential for you to always practice speaking this language if you really want to learn!